Just the kind of healthcare plan you have been looking for!

Looking for a budget-friendly healthcare plan that emphasizes preventive care, wellness and primary care?
We've got you covered! Discover our individual and healthvio subscription plan designed for health & wellness focused individuals.

Healthvio Prime = MD + Wellness + Rx

The ultimate healthcare subscription for all! Access MD services, wellness programs, and prescription medications, all tailored to fit individual,family & employer.

  • All healthcare needs are met under one plan.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Unlimited MD/ Telehealth consults.
  • Access to 1000+ generic medications at no cost.
  • Mindfulness and meditation to manage stress, calm and empower.
  • Free access of 2000+ on-demand classes.
  • conveniently accessible from comfort of your own couch.


(Billed Quarterly)

  • MD service- Telehealth | Telemedicine
  • Wellness- Nutrition | Fitness | Live Sessions
  • Rx- Subscription with door step delivery
  • No insurance required
All new - Healthvio Plus

The most ‘Essential’ subscription plan

Healthvio =  MD + Rx

Basic yet worthy, the Healthvio Plus subscription plan is a must have. Under it, get access to MD services anytime, anywhere and subscribe to prescription medicines with door-step delivery.


(Billed Quarterly)

  • MD service- Telehealth
  • Rx- Subscription with door step delivery
  • No insurance required
  • Cost-effective Plan
  • Unlimited Telehealth Consults from highest quality doctors
  • Get primary/general care from the comfort of your home
  • Access to 1000+ generic medicines under subscription
Healthvio MD/Telehealth Subscription

Get fast, hassle-free consultation from board certified doctors from the convenience of your home. Dedicated to helping you get better & stay well, our services support from consultation to presciption.


(Billed Quarterly)

  • Select a provider based on your need
  • Choose the service type (Live or Health Questionnaire based)
  • Access unlimited consultation during the subscription period
  • Schedule a consultation at your pace
For One Time Purchase

Live Video Consultation

$ 45

Health Questionnaire Consultation

$ 25

Healthvio Wellness Subscription

Bring wellness into your lifestyle anywhere and anytime by this subscription plan. Get expert videos on exercise, nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and fitness routines.


  • 2000+ on-demand classes
  • 5000+ 3D exercise videos
  • Sync up your wearable device effortlessly
  • Guided meditations, custom workouts & fitness challenges
Healthvio Rx Subscription

With Rx Subscription, members can get unlimited new or refills for eligible medications with flat fee that includes medication, shipping and consultation from pharmacist .


(Billed Quarterly)

  • Access to +1000 generic medicines*
  • Transparent pricing
  • Reminders on auto-refills
  • Network in 46+ US states


  • Access to +1000 generic medicines
  • Transparent pricing
  • Reminders on auto-refills
  • Reminders on auto-refills
Healthvio Mental Health Subscription
Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription plan General

  • Is subscription an insurance replacement?

    No, a subscription is not an insurance replacement. Instead, it provides you with valuable benefits such as access to exclusive savings and discounts. With our subscription, you can enjoy discounted rates & free services of virtual telehealth services, wellness programs, and Rx services for your prescription fulfillment.

  • Once I buy a subscription, will I be charged automatically every month?

    Once you purchase a subscription, you will be enrolled in automatic monthly/quarterly/yearly payments (depending upon your type). However, we want to ensure transparency and give you ample notice. Therefore, we will notify you via email 5 days before your renewal date to remind you about the upcoming payment. This way, you have sufficient time to manage your subscription or make any necessary adjustments.

    If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your subscription payments, please get in touch with our customer support team for assistance.

  • Can I cancel my subscription before the agreed period ends? Will I receive a refund for the remaining duration?

    If you decide to cancel your subscription in the middle of the agreed period, we regret to inform you that we do not provide refunds for the remaining duration. Your subscription ends on the same day when you cancel your subscription.  However, we will notify you 5 days before your next payment cycle. We recommend you submit a cancellation request before the 5-day notice period of your next payment cycle. This will help you avoid any unexpected charges. 

    For additional details or further assistance regarding your subscription cancellation, please get in touch with our customer support team at support@myhealthvio.com. You can also submit any inquiries or requests through our contact form, available at https://myhealthvio.com/get-in-touch/

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

    Yes, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan. However, please note that our upgrade/downgrade policy does not include refunds or adjustments for the price difference between your current and new subscriptions. Therefore, we recommend carefully considering your plan selection before making a purchase.

    To ensure you choose the most suitable plan, we encourage you to evaluate your requirements and decide when you purchase thoroughly. This way, you can ensure the plan best meets your needs without needing subsequent changes.

  • Can I use my FSA or HSA funds to purchase the annual savings plan?

    Unfortunately, we do not support payments via FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) for the annual savings plan. At this time, we accept other forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to explore alternative payment methods to enjoy our annual savings plan.

  • How does the subscription work?

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on how our subscription process works:

    • Step 1: Decide on the plan that interests you or provides the most benefits based on your needs. Our most preferred plan is Healthvio Prime
    • Step 2: If you are an existing user, simply login to your account. For new users, could you create a new account on our platform?
    • Step 3: Once logged in or after creating your account, purchase the desired subscription plan. Also you can manage your subscription or purchase the subscription on the side menu from your account on Healthvio portal.
  • Healthvio MD

    Subscription plan Healthvio MD

  • How does Healthvio MD work?

    MD is a telehealth service that connects patients to providers. Based on the services you are looking for, you can select your provider, submit a medical questionnaire, and receive and provide your medical history. The licensed provider will review your information and, if needed, order a prescription which will be sent to your choice of pharmacy.

  • After I purchase a MD subscription, do I need to pay for telehealth visits?

    No, as a subscriber, you can access unlimited consultations and virtual calls during your subscription period. Once you have purchased a subscription, telehealth visits have no additional charges. You can enjoy the convenience of virtual healthcare without any extra costs, making it easier to seek medical advice and guidance whenever needed. If you have any further inquiries regarding the services covered under your subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for clarification.

  • Can I combine an MD subscription plan with my insurance coverage?

    Firstly, an MD subscription is not an insurance plan. Also, combining an MD subscription plan with traditional health insurance coverage is typically impossible. These two types of healthcare offerings are separate and generally need to work together in a coordinated manner.

  • Are the doctors affiliated with your service genuine, licensed professionals

    Yes, the doctors associated with our service are real doctors with valid medical licenses and are board-certified. They possess the qualifications and credentials to practice medicine in the United States.

  • Healthvio Wellness

    Subscription Plan Wellness

  • What type of programs are available in Healthvio Wellness subscription?

    All these services are free of charge under a wellness subscription. We offer various health and wellness programs: nutrition, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, energy healing, stress management, financial management, anxiety, sleep, and more. We have guided meditation tutorials, classes, and fitness challenges.

  • How do you provide all wellness services?

    Healthvio wellness is an all-in-one wellness app with 2000+ on demand classes, 5000+ 3D exercise videos, guided meditations, custom workouts, fitness challenges, nutrition tracking and social groups. This app offers all the tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • How does the healthvio wellness app work?
    • Step 1: If you are an existing user, simply login to your account. For new users, could you create a new account on our platform?
    • Step 2: Buy the Healthvio wellness subscription
    • Step 3: Once you purchase the subscription, you will receive a prompt message on your healthvio account how to download the app on your smartphone.
    • Step 4: Once you download the app, use your healthvio account credentials to open the app. And now you are ready to avail all the wellness app benefits.
  • What type of fitness devices can I sync with to connect my fitness routine?

    Our platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of fitness devices and platforms, including:

    • Apple Health
    • Google Fit
    • Smart TVs
    • Apple Play
    • Chromecast

    Connecting your fitness routine to these devices and platforms lets you easily track and monitor your progress, synchronize data, and enjoy a comprehensive fitness experience. 

    How is Healthvio Wellness different from other wellness apps?

    It’s comprehensive. You must subscribe to at least 3 apps to get everything Healthvio offers. Healthvio Wellness brings everything together in one seamless app to make it easier to adopt a wellness lifestyle in your day-to-day life.

  • Healthvio Rx

    Subscription Plan Healthvio Rx

  • What steps are involved in using the Healthvio Rx subscription plan?

    Utilizing the Healthvio Rx subscription plan is a straightforward process. Once you have purchased the Healthvio Rx plan, the platform will redirect you to our pharmacy partner, Ravkoo Rx. From there, you can follow these simple steps:

    • Step 1: Search for your medicines: Search for the specific medications you require within the Healthvio Rx subscription plan.
    • Step 2: Choose and purchase a subscription plan: After identifying your essential medicines, you can select an annual or quarterly subscription plan that best suits your needs.
    • Step 3: One of the representatives from our partner pharmacy (Ravkoo Pharmacy) will try to contact you over the phone, you must provide your source of prescription or provide your medical provider’s information .
    • Step 4: Medication delivery to your doorstep: Once the necessary steps have been completed, your medications will be dispensed and promptly delivered to your designated address, bringing convenience and ease to your healthcare experience.
  • In the subscription plan, how many refills am I allowed?

    To receive medications under the subscription plan, subscribers must have a valid US prescription. Refill quantities are limited to what the prescriber has authorized or the duration of the subscriber’s plan. If refills are available for valid prescriptions, we dispense a maximum of three months’ supply at once.

  • If the medication is covered under your subscription plan, will there be any shipping charges?

    No shipping is free. Shipping costs are charged for medications listed under the subscription plan if you have an active subscription with us. However, an additional shipping charge will apply if you want to expedite the shipping or any medication is not covered under subscription plan.