ED Treatment That Works Hard

Our Healthvio licensed healthcare providers will help you find the right ED solution from the privacy of your home. We offer the following affordable ED medication choices:

Treatment list of ED

  • Sildenafil

    A generic version of Viagra®, it works by expanding the blood vessels to help maintain and sustain an erection.

    It is taken as a tablet and usually starts working within 15-45 minutes and lasts approximately 36 hours.

  • Tadalafil

    A generic version of Cialis®, it works by widening the blood vessels to make it easier to maintain an erection.

    It is taken as a tablet and usually starts working within 30 minutes and lasts approximately 4-5 hours.

  • Note: Further testing may be needed before a doctor can prescribe medication.
    How It Works
    1. Answer some questions.

      Help your provider get up to speed on how to best help you by answering some questions pertaining to your medical history and symptoms.

    2. Select a consultation type & a provider.

      Select if you would like a live consultation or a questionnaire based consultation. Then, choose a provider that is licensed in your state of residence that you feel will best meet your needs.

    3. Receive your prescription.

      If appropriate, the provider will send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

    What Our Patients Are Saying


    Rated 5 out of 5
    January 31, 2023

    I used to dread date nights because I didn’t want to disappoint at the end. But thanks to my Healthvio Doctor, I made a few easy lifestyle changes that have helped restore my sex life. I also take a pill as needed to help maintain an erection, and it’s been a game-changer!

    Avatar for Ricardo Juarez
    Ricardo Juarez


    Rated 5 out of 5
    January 31, 2023

    Healthvio sildenafil helped me regain my confidence in the bedroom, and my partner is happy too. I feel like I’m 23 again!

    Avatar for Lucas Wisener
    Lucas Wisener


    Rated 5 out of 5
    January 31, 2023

    It isn’t easy to admit, but I struggle with ED. I was embarrassed to speak to a doctor but decided to anyways. My Healthvio was so knowledgeable, helpful, and non-judgmental. We talked about a few treatment options. And for the first time in forever, I feel like my sex life can get back on track.

    Avatar for James Vanbrugel
    James Vanbrugel
    Treatment Options & Pricing

    The Healthvio team paired with our in-house medical advisors to choose which FDA-approved, scientifically proven, and highly effective ED treatments to offer.

    We realized there’s no need for you to break the bank on name-brand meds—we can offer the same active ingredients for less.

    The generic forms of Viagra® and Cialis® are 90% less expensive than their name-brand counterparts and are just as effective.

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Questions

  • What causes erectile dysfunction?

    A wide range of underlying causes can cause erectile dysfunction, as sexual arousal is a mixed process involving hormones, muscles, emotions, and brain activity. The condition can arise from physical issues like obesity, high cholesterol or heart problems. It can also be related to psychological sources like stress, anxiety or relationship issues. By identifying and treating the underlying cause, it often improves the condition.

  • I already know which erectile dysfunction treatment works for me, can I have Healthvio prescribe and deliver it?

    When you complete your questionnaire and share your history we will ask you to indicate which medications you’ve taken in the past. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a particular prescription. Once you submit your request for a consultation, your selected medical provider will review your health history and symptoms. They will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for you.

  • Do I still have to see my primary care provider for Erectile Dysfunction?

    Yes, you should still advise your primary care provider about all the medications you are taking. Erectile dysfunction is typically a symptom of other health conditions. It is important to see your primary care provider for routine health maintenance.

  • What is included in the consultation fee?

    It includes a medical provider licensed in your state evaluating your Erectile Dysfunction questionnaire and creating your personalized treatment plan, and writing prescriptions. The consultation fee does not include medication(s).

    If medication is prescribed, your Healthvio provider will send the prescription(s) to a pharmacy of your choice. You will pay the pharmacy for the medication(s) and the price will depend on the pharmacy and whether you pay with insurance or out-of-pocket.